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''What's wrong with it?''. This is a section where, from time to time I post pictures or comments of things a surveyor wishes he would have never seen. 

This is a bong plugging a seacock attached to an underwater thru hull on a 47ft bluewater cruiser. The seacock is frozen in the 'open' position and has no handle.

Water intrusion from a small 1” seacock located in the hull 3 ft below the physical water line will invite 34g per min aboard a vessel. That is 2040g/hr (Naval Sea System Command, US Navy sailor’s handbook ISBN 0-87033-248-1). That is usually more than most submersible pumps installed in small vessels can handle, 750g/hr in this case.

Note II. Nothing good ever comes from water in the bilge.

That being said: There is absolutely no better or more efficient bilge pump, than a scared man with a bucket. 

... Pick your choice.

Does your electrician knows? White is the new black! ... On that wire at least.

If you are adding insulation, 110V outlet current carrying'extension'. (non on a boat).

Ici on parle aussi Français! 

Last update: January, 2018.  

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